At Lalor Finance we take away all the stress of obtaining finance to purchase a home. We do the running around to ensure you have the best loan for YOU. We cater to your needs whatever your situation, whether you are seeking;

  • First home,
  • Second home,
  • Investment property,
  • Re-finance,
  • Equity release,
  • Debt consolidation.

Loan types:

Basic: A simple loan with no bells and whistles that other facilities may have, with little to no fees. This product suits individuals who are averse to fees and do not need options such as an offset account.

Standard Variable: A popular loan type which has many options that a basic loan does not, such as an offset account, ability to redraw and the option to split the loan.

Fixed: A fixed loan allows a borrower to fix their interest rate for a certain period of time. The benefit is knowing what your repayments are due to the fixed interest rate. However if interest rates drop, breaking the fixed rate period may incur exit fees.

Line of credit: A line of credit is a facility that enables an individual to access built up equity in their property. The facility will have a limit that a borrower can access with interest being charged on the balance. A benefit of a line of credit is the ability to capitalise interest repayments.